Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Our last days on PEI…

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t blog for a really long time, as you can see I have been kind of busy with moving back to the states!

Anyways… I am going to blog about the move back!

The last breakfast we had on P.E.I was pancakes, Mickey Mouse ones to be specific! They weren’t that easy, but they tasted great….


Kaitlyns Photos!!! 053

Yes, the first one was a HUGE fail, but it still tasted good!


Kaitlyns Photos!!! 058

The next one was pretty good though!

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 059

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 062

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 064

Those were the best pancakes I ever had! Now I will show you some pictures of my church!

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 075

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 076

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 077

Now here is a slide show of the beautiful Prince Edward Island……

A couple days before we left, the three youngest girls had a sleep over at there friends house!

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 004

They made fashion beads (that’s what their friend called them!)

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 005

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 007

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 008

And this is there friends little brother, wearing my sunglasses, riding a john deer tricycle!

Kaitlyns Photos!!! 009

Well that’s all I have for now! I will have another blog up soon….

Thanks for reading my new blog! Make sure to read My moms blog!

I hope you are enjoying the new year,


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